Nagano Travel(長野旅遊)

How to go to Nagano Reasonably



From Nagano-station to Zenkoji Temple


1.Zenkoji Temple.(善光寺)

Very popular in Nagano-city

About 30-minuutes(2.2km) walk from station

Zenkoji-Temple is the most popular tourist destinations, I guess.
We can get there by bus. from Nagano-station.(About 10-minuutes.)
But many people walk to Zenkoji Temple.
So I introduce with photograph.

From Nagano station(長野站)

To Zenko-ji Temple(善光寺)

Let’s walk!

2.Let’s walk From Nagano Station to Zenkoji Temple.

Nagano Station

Nagano City tourist informatin Center

Exit the Shinkansen ticket gate.

I found Tourist information center at soon.
Let’s get a brochure!

Shinkansen ticket gate.

Nagano City tourist informatin Center

Go Zenkoji exit

Turn right
Get out of the Zenkoji Exit

To Zenkoji Exit(善光寺口)

Bus stop

If you go to Zenkoji Temple by bus.
Get out of the Bus stop No.1.
From Nagano-station to Zenkoji-Daimon(Front of Zenkoji)
JPY150 About 10minuts

Bus stop No.1

Around Zenkoji exit

Zenkoji exit is front entrance of Nagano Station
I could found many Shops Restaurant Cafe Bar

My favorite Reasonably Soba noodle shop in Nagano-shi(city).

My favorite Reasonably izakaya(Japanese pub) in Nagano-shi(city).
(居酒屋)(長野 我最喜歡的酒館)

Around Nagano station Zenkoji exit
(長野駅 善光寺口周辺)


Walking on the Chuo-dori

Walk along Chuo-dori(Central Street)
The yellow sign on the right(ドン.キホーテ) is a mark.

Bay the way.

ドン・キホーテ(Don Quijote)is famous discount store in Japan.
We can buy beverage and sweets Reasonably.

Walking on the Chuo-dori

There is a gouide bord.
It is easy to understand.

Gouide bord(導板)

Turn diagonally to the right(對角線向右轉)

Go straight(進行)

saiko-ji temple「西光寺」

I found small temple on the right.
This is saiko-ji temple.
Local people says 「karukaya-san」「かるかや山」

Quiet precincts(grounds).
There was an introduction board of English.

Grounds free
Get inside pay JPY500
8:00-17:00(Winter 16:30)

If you can’t speak Japanese.
I don’t recommended to get inside.

saiko-ji temple

Quiet precincts

Hundred yen store DAISO(ダイソー)

I could found Hundred yen store「DAISO」
Commercial building 「again」on 6th floor.

Commercial building 「again」
(6th floor Hundred yen store)


I found convenience store Familymart on the right.

I could charge my phone here in eating space.(Type A 100V)

So I ordered coffee at the counter and charged it.(small size JPY100)
But stay within an hour in eating space.


Monzen Plaza「もんぜんぷら座」

I found a large intersection「Shindencho(新田町)」

There is a building on the corner Monzen Plaza「もんぜんぷら座」

There is a Supermarket on the 1th floor「TOMATO 食品館」


I couldn’t find Supermarket from here to Zenkoji Temple.

Monzen Plaza

Go straight(進行)

Memorial park

I found Memorial park on the right.
The award ceremony for the Nagano Olympic Games was held in 1998.
It was quiet now.

Memorial park

Gondo shopping street(権堂商店街)

I found arcade shopping street on the right.
This name is Gondo shopping street.
It was busier in the past.
It’s like the old town now.
But I could find tasteful shop.

Gondo shopping street(権堂商店街)


After Gondo.
It’s a quaint town.

I found Pateiodaimon「ぱてぃお大門蔵庭」
There is a tasteful restaurant.


Zenkoji Entrance(善光寺入口)

I arraived at the Zenkoji temple entrance.
There are a lot of shops around.

Zenkoji Entrance

Around Zenkoji Entrance.


Niomon gate(仁王門)

(Many souvenir Shops)

Sanmon Gate(三門)

Zenko-ji Temple